Do you have a passion for all things finance?

Are you able to work alone and on several different projects at a time?

Do you have accounting experience?

This position is responsible for all aspects of accounts receivables and payables for the ministry including budgeting, financial reporting, limited payroll and various fund management. This position is charged with the responsibility of precise execution, administration and stewardship of the ministry’s financial position in accordance with general accounting standards and the Core behaviors of Transformation Church (TC).

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Recording Daily Banking Transactions: This includes but is not limited to deposits, withdrawals, transfers, wires, etc.
  • Balance and Reconciliation of all Bank Account Records with Internal Accounting Records: This includes verifying the accuracy of TC’s internal records with those reflected by our banking institution and balancing all cash, credit and loan accounts.
  • Management of Accounts Payable: This includes the data entry of all bills, invoices, check requests and credit memos. As well as, the daily management of sending out payments in a timely fashion in accordance with due dates via mail, EFT or transfer.
  • Aid in Planning and Budgeting of Funds: Aid in effective planning and managing funds to ensure that accounts payable, operational expenses, departmental objectives, organizational goals and various projects are properly funded.
  • Financial Reporting - Monthly Report (income statement, balance sheets, etc) preparation for COO