Do you have a passion to disciple the next generation?

Do you have a heart for the local church?

We are looking for volunteer Team Leads and Team Members who will support and help to ensure the effective operation of our young adult internship.

Roles include:

Program Team

This team works closely with the Next Gen Pastor and Intern Coordinator in curriculum development and implementation, scheduling speakers and coordinating learning experiences (i.e. classes, chapels, etc.). Ensures that all classes are equipped with supplies and material as needed; analyze and assess overall learning experience approaches and outcomes for continued improvement; train and advise any subsequent volunteers required for the effective functioning of this area; coordinate outside opportunities of learning that fall within the scope of the vision and goals of Formation.

Activity Team

The Activity or Event team will be responsible for planning and coordinating events, health and wellness programs and work with interns on Formation outings. They will create and implement weekly fitness routines that build endurance, discipline, and strength ensuring that each routine must be able to accommodate interns at all levels of fitness. They will periodically assess and encourage interns as they progress to ensure that each intern maximizes their potential.

Admin Team

Works closely with Intern Coordinator and Team Leads providing general admin support including but not limited to scanning, printing and ordering supplies. Assist in development of reports, onboarding and offboarding interns, housing mgmt etc. Assist in managing and overseeing intern calendar.

Creative Team

Works closely with the Next Gen Pastor/Intern Coordinator and Transformation Creative department. The position will assist in capturing the journey/story of the interns (primarily through photography, videography, storytelling and interview style personal testimonials), creative dynamic and engaging environments for activities/events and weekly experiences. Will working closely with creative staff to maintain brand standards, generate content and coordinate digital presence of Formation internship.

Intern Experience Team

The Intern Experience Team is responsible for monitoring the overall experience & wellbeing of the interns. Provides feedback and input regarding the interns’ strengths and weaknesses as identified by their internship experiences. Establishes supportive/mentoring relationships with students throughout their experience.

Team Leads

Each of the mentioned roles will have a Team Lead. The Team Lead will be responsible for training oversight and execution of the specific tasks and objectives of the team that they oversee.

This is a unpaid, volunteer position. Tulsa applicants only, please.